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Ohio—Cincinnati—Centennial Master Plan
Preliminary Overview & Recommendations
November 2006

First Parks Master Plan by Kessler in 1907

George Kessler, when visiting Cincinnati to produce its first Parks Master Plan in 1907, commented—
“Cincinnati is particularly adapted to the connected park system . . . Few cities in the world are provided with such precipitous hills and integrated streams which thrust themselves directly into the heart of the community.”
1907 Kessler Plan
  • More parks to meet national comparisons and to provide a healthy city—with parks, greenspace and recreational facilities accessible to all
  • “Crown Jewels” on the hilltops surrounding the City
  • A connective system of parkways
Kessler’s Plan & Today’s Park System
  • Excellent distribution and quantity of facilities
  • Strong connective parkway system, although not as extensive as proposed, (outer loop and some scenic sections along river not realized)
  • Some losses (Half of Burnet Woods and some of Lincoln Park)
  • Confluence of Little Miami and Ohio Rivers not celebrated as strongly
Cincinnati Park History and Master Plan
Centennial Master Plan Our Quite Strength
Centennial Master Plan Human Nature